News and Updates

February, 2018

  • Vincent will be co-directing the BEAM summer REU program.  The application deadline is March 2. Interested undergraduates, please apply!

January, 2018

  • The lab welcomes new undergrad research assistants Brooke Suesser, Veronica Martin, and Lindsey Richardson!
  • Katie’s manuscript “TGF-b1 or Hypoxia enhance glucose metabolism and lactate production via HIF1A Signaling in tendon cells” has been accepted for publication  in Connective Tissue Research.  Congrats!

October, 2017

  • Sabah presented his in vivo muscle loading project at the IGEP-RM Forum at VetMed
  • Sabah and Daniel each presented posters at the 2017 BMES conference in Phoenix.  Great job representing the lab and our department!
  • Vincent moderated the “Injury Biomechanics II” session at the BMES conference
August, 2017
  • The lab welcomes new undergrad research assistants Joel Neifert, Ed Jacobs, and Maxine Kastriner!
July, 2017
  • The lab receives a Research Eureka Accelerator Program (REAP) award from VCOM/ICTAS to pursue ultrasound shear wave elastography studies of muscle and tendon
June, 2017
  • The lab welcomes new undergrad research assistants Emma Stowe, Alex Milowsky, Colleen Valentine, and Zach Kozar as well as our NSF RET fellow Mark England!
  • We are grateful to Coloplast Corporation for funding our first study in the area of reproductive biomechanics, in collaboration with departmental colleague Raffaella De Vita
  • Our project on eccentric muscle loading for treating tendinopathy was selected for funding by the VCOM Center for One Health Research
February, 2017

January, 2017

  • The lab welcomes our new undergrad researcher, Alexandra Groen!
October, 2016
September, 2016
  • The lab welcomes our new Ph.D. student, Sabah Rezvani!
August, 2016
July, 2016
June, 2016
  • Hearty congratulations to Katie Trella, who successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis!
  • The lab welcomes Shaunna Young, a NSF RET fellow from William Fleming High School
May, 2016
  • The lab welcomes Hana Chan, a NSF REU student from Case Western University
  • Kristen presented a poster at the SBES Research Symposium at Wake Forest on May 11

April, 2016

  • Vincent presented an overview of the lab’s research at the inaugural Virginia Tech-Carilion Muscle Symposium on April 14
March, 2016
  • Katie gave a podium talk and presented a poster at the ORS meeting in Orlando

January, 2016

  • The lab welcomes new members Daniel Surinach and Ellen Hammett

October, 2015
  • Katie presents a podium talk at the BMES meeting

August, 2015
  • Vincent joins the BEAM Department at Virginia Tech
  • The lab welcomes its first members, Kristen Hulbert and Connor Herron